Nana's Musical Passion

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Nana stands outside on the rocks



Nana started her school life when she was 12 years old, she could not express her requires at that time, except for mechanical imitation of others like a parrot [echolalia]. She used to cry, sway her head, groan, eat nasal mucus, eat scraps of paper, and even ate blood after picking at her face. She could not communicate with other people, and she refused any kinds of activities. She could not look after herself, there must be someone to take care of her.




Nana plays the piano while a classmate sings


The teacher made the most of her interest in music to develop her intelligence. She used music as the “stimulant” [or motivator], used the organ as the rehabilitation tool, and piano became Nana’s required course. By doing this, the teacher tried to promote the coordinated development of both Nana’s physical and mental abilities, which also helped establish her other skills.


Nana plays the piano while her classmates sing


After 10 years’ study in school, Nana not only overcame her behavior disorders, but she also could take care of herself in daily life, besides, she began to form good habits both in class and home. Nana’s voice began to be loud and clear when she was talking, she wanted to share her school life with her family, she also shared the details of her family life with her teacher. Nana made great progress in her study: she did addition and subtraction problems within twenty accurately; she copied and recited the text quickly; she could play many instruments such as electronic organ, piano, harmonica, clarinet, and cucurbit flute; she began to show her care for others.

Nana learns to tie her shoe




Since leaving school, Nana now lives at home with her parents.  She can wash herself, eat, take rest, and amuse herself according to a particular routine.  She can also take part in social activities with the help of her family.






Nana plays the piano while her father plays a wind instrument.


Since graduation she now sometimes plays the piano at a community club for the elderly.