Shopping for Making Snack

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This is an activity from a class for VIMD students at Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation. In this group activity every child participates actively. They gain concept development, communication skills, weighing, counting, orientation and mobility skills, socialization skills, organization skills, etc. and have lots of fun through this activity.  Individual goals are incorporated into the activity for each student, according to their needs and abilities.

1.  Preparing a tactile shopping list using real objects

Preparing snack


  1. Abeda (girl) and Abir (boy) are making tactile shopping list using real objects.
  • Abeda will remember the four items for snack.
  • She will learn sign for the four items
  • She will place the items in a shopping list
  • Abir will learn the name of the items for snack.
  • He will match with real object to object symbol on the shopping list.



2. Tactile Shopping List

tactile shopping list










3. Introducing Tactile Sign for Shopping

Introducing tactile sign for shopping









4. Reviewing shopping list with Abir











5. Getting started for the shopping mall

Starting for the shopping mall

  • Goal: Abeda will follow the demonstration for safety on the road.
  • She will stop before leaving the school gate, checking on both sides for traffic.
  • Goal: Abir will use sighted guide technique on the road.
  • He will hold teachers arm appropriately following instructions for stop and start.







6. Taking a car to get to the shopping mall

Taking car to shopping mall










7. At the shopping mall

At the shopping mall










8. Taking a trolley for shopping

Using a TrolleyUsing a trolley










9. Taking things according to shopping list

Shopping listShopping list









Each child will match the item to the symbol on the list.

shopping listShopping list










10. Done with taking things

Done with taking thingsDone with taking things

Abida & Abir: will check that all items on the list are purchased







11. In line for billing

in line for billing










12. Finish shopping and we are ready for cooking snack pitha

Ready to prepare snack