Creating Learning Opportunities (Bahasa Indonesia)

Creating Learning Opportunities cover

Creating Learning Opportunities: A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Students with Vision Impairment and Additional Disabilities, Including Deafblindness has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia.  This practical resource guide was written by experts in India.

Section 1:  Memahami Keberagaman Perkembangan Anak (Understanding Diversity in Children's Development)

Section 2:  Perkembangan Sensorimotorik (Sensorimotor Development)

Section 3: Assesment (Assessment)

  • Alat-alat Indera Kita dan Pembelajaran (Our Senses and Learning)
  • Pendahuluan bagi Assesmen (Introduction to Assessment)
  • Assesmen Fungsional Penglihatan (Functional Vision Assessment)
  • Assessmen Fungsional Pendengaran (Functional Hearing Assessment)

Section 4: Komunikasi (Communication)

Section 5:  Pengembangan Kurikulum  (Curriculum Development)

Section 6:  Strategi Internvensi (Strategies for Intervention)

Section 7:  Program Orang Dewasa  (Programming for Adulthood)

Section 8:  Kemitraan dengan Keluarga dan Masyarakat (Partnership with Families and Community)

Please note that some of the text from the original version has been omitted in this translation.



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