Developing Curriculum Guidelines in Indonesia for Students with MDVI


In this webcast Weningsih discusses the development of curriculum in Indonesian for students who have multiple disabilities and visual impairments (MDVI).   She outlines some of the challenges in creating a curriculum for these students, and describes the use of a student-centered approach.  The implementation process is explored, along with challenges and moving forward.


  1. Introduction
  2. Using an Assessment to Create a Student-Centered Approach
  3. How Implementation Might Look in Practice
  4. Challenges With Implementation of the Guidelines
  5. The Challenge Moving Forward

Collage of developing curriculum for students with mutiple disabilities




Posted by sukinah (not verified)

Developing Curriculum Guidelines in Indonesia for Students with MDVI, congratulation.Curriculum development certainly very useful. thanks

Program anak MDVI

Posted by Nia Yustiana Rahmat (not verified)

Salut bu Wening, atas kontribusinya dalam program layanan bagi anak MDVI. Saya bersyukur diberi kesermpatan untuk ada di dalamnya, mudah mudahan ilmu yang sudah didapat bisa segera diterapkan.

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