INDIKATOR KUALITAS Untuk Program Pelayanan Dini bagi Anak-anak dengan Gangguan Penglihatan

A young child helps to water the plants

This document is a translation in Bahasa Indonesia of Quality Indicators for Programs Serving Children with Visual Impairments and Blindness, Extended for Students with Multiple Disabilities.  Sections include:

  1. Interaksi Antara Staff dengan Anak dan Antar Anak   (Interactions Between Staff and Children, and Among Children)
  2. Kurikulum  (Curriculum)
  3. Penjadwalan dan Pengelompokan   (Scheduling and Grouping)
  4. Assessment
  5. Lingkungan Fisik  (Physical Environment)
  6. Keterlibatan Keluarga (Family Involvement)
  7. Kualifikasi dan Pengembangan Staff  (Staff Qualifications and Staff  Development)
  8. Guru dan Administrasi Bekerja Bersama  (Teachers and Administration Working Together)
  9. Transisi  (Transition)       
  10. Evaluasi Program  (Program Evaluation)    

Also included is a discussion of the Five Big Ideas:  “Empat Ide Besar”.

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