Perkins Activity and Resource Guide in Traditional Chinese

Cover of Chinese version of Perkins Activity and Resource Guide

The Perkins Activity and Resource Guide has been translated into Traditional Chinese.  This handbook for teachers and parents of children with visual and multiple disabilities includes hundreds of pages of practical suggestions for instructional activities. Each section has been written by specialists in the subject area. The guide is organized into sections for each instructional domain.

Project Coordinator: Marianne Riggio
Authors: Kathy Heydt, Charlotte Cushman, Susan Edwards, Monica Allon, and Mary Jane Clark
Contributing Authors: Judith E. Bevans, Dennis Lolli, Vickie R. Brennan, Flo Peck, and Alex Truesdell


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Preface from Principal of Huei-Ming School for the Blind

Introductory Materials

Chapter 1:  Teaching Children with Multiple Disabilities:  An Overview

Chapter 2:  Foundations of Learning:  Language, Cognition, and Social Relationships

Chapter 3: Motor Development:  Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Chapter 4: Functional Academics

Chapter 5: Vocational Skills for All Ages

Chapter 6:  Daily Living Skills

Chapter 7:  Independent Living Skills

Chapter 8: Sensory Integration

Chapter 9: Developmental Music

Chapter 10: Orientation and Mobility

Chapter 11: Enhancing the Use of Functional Vision

Chapter 12: Adaptive Technology: Handmade Solutions for Unique Problems

Chapter 13: Techniques for Lifting Students Safely: Body Mechanics and Transfers

Chapter 14: Assistive Devices and Equipment



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