A Study of Braille Writing Skills Acquisition

The Educator -- Braille Literacy issue

Smriti Swarup and Sujata Bhan from Centre of Special Education, SNDT Women's University in Mumbai (India) present their research in A Study of Braille Writing Skills Acquisition in Early Learners with Visual Impairment Using Brailler and Slate as Assistive Devices. 

This study examines the difference in the rate of the acquisition of braille writing skills in students using a slate and stylus in comparison to a brailler.  The study focuses on 5 students in a Montessori School in Mumbia, India.  The teachers in the study "concluded that the use of a brailler significantly improved the speed of Braille writing acquisition and felt that it would improve the efficiency of the learning process and the acquisition of braille literacy."

The study was published in the Braille Literacy issue of The Educator Vol. 22, No. 1, July 2009.


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