Tools and Forms

Sample Forms for Transition and Personal Futures Planning

The forms and workbooks on this page are meant to give you ideas to get started.  We hope they will be helpful to your team!


Background Information

A Brief Guide to Personal Futures Planning (Manual)
Kate Moss and David Wiley, Texas Deafblind Outreach

This document provides an introduction to Personal Futures Planning.

A Brief Guide to Personal Futures Planning (Workbook)
Organizing Your Community to Envision and Build a Desirable Future with You
Kate Moss and David Wiley, Texas Deafblind Outreach

This document provides sample blank forms that can be used as planning tools for your team.

Transition from School to Adult Life in the Community:  A Three-Part Planning Sheet
Developed by David Wiley, Texas Deafblind Project, 2004

This 10-page document is a planning tool that is divided into three parts:

  1. Creating a Vision/Developing Goals
  2. The Ideal Day!
  3. A Plan of Action

Transition Guide for Students Who Are Deafblind
Center for Disabilities, University of South Dakota

This guide is designed to be a resource for families, schools, and other agencies involved in the life of transition-aged youth who are deafblind. While the guide contains information specific to a specific part of the United States, it also includes information on transition that would apply to many students who are deafblind.

A Workbook to Help Young Adults with Disabilities, Their Families and Professionals to Plan for Living, Working, and Participating in the Community  by Mary Morningstar, University of Kansas (Posted on Transition Coaltion site)

A workbook to help students, their families, and professionals to plan for life after high school. This workbook uses a person-centered approach to identify student strengths and facilitates a problem-solving approach to develop a plan of action and a vision for the future.

Community Resource Mapping
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET)



Transition Assessment Planning Form
by Mary Morningstar, Transition Coalition (2009)

Transition Planning Form
Massachusetts Department of Education


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