Resources Relating to Vietnam

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This very practical resource was developed to provide guidance for parents and teachers to support  children with special education needs who are at home while schools are closed due to Covid19. ...
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English-Vietnamese Dictionary
This is a list of common vocabulary words and terminology used in the education of people with visual impairment. In English with Vietnamese translation and description.          
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Cover of Vietnam Early Intervention manual
SỔ TAY HƯỚNG DẪN CAN THIỆP SỚM is the Vietnamese translation of the Early Intervention Manual by Dr. Namita Jacob.  This version has been translated by Ha Thanh Van, the principal of Nguyen Dinh...
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California Deaf-Blind Services logo
California Deaf-Blind Services offers a range of Fact Sheets in many languages, including Chinese, Vietnamese, and Lao.  The full list of fact sheets can be seen here. Fact Sheets are available in...
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Front cover of Helping Children Who Are Blind
Helping Children Who Are Blind has been translated into Vietnamese.  This practical guide by Sandy Niemann and Namita Jacob offers support to families and members of the community regarding children...
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Two people use their hands to communicate.
Developing Concepts with Children Who are Deaf-Blind by Barbara Miles and Barbara McLetchie has been translated into Vietnamese.  This document explains how concepts develop, the importance of...
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Vietnamese cover of Remarkable Conversations
Remarkable Conversations has been translated into Vietnamese.  It addresses the communication needs of individuals who are deafblind across a wide range of communication styles and abilities. Table...
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Images from Transition Planning Asia site
We invite you to download this flyer to share with your colleagues or families you are working with.  Please feel free to distribute them at trainings, workshops, and conferences and help us to let...
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Logo for Nhat Han
Trung Tâm Bảo Trợ Khiếm Thị Nhật Hồng or The Nhat Hong Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a program run by Catholic Sisters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Their website is available in...
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